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Film Studies Minor

The Film Studies Minor offers a broad experience of the critical, historical, and formal analysis of film. Students will gain an understanding of cinema aesthetics, history, genres, and various theoretical approaches. It requires the completion of a total of 12 credit hours. All those taking the minor are required to successfully complete ARTH 3850: Foundations in Film Studies. All other courses are electives and may be chosen from appropriately approved courses offered both inside and outside of the Department of Art & Design. Independent Study options are also available. All students planning to complete the requirements of the minor should consult Dr. David Wall, Associate Professor of Film and Visual Studies, in the Department of Art & Design.


Current Courses

ARTH 3250: The New Hollywood: American Film in the 1970s (3)

ARTH 3850: Foundations in Film Studies (3) 

ARTH 3910: Film Theory (3) 

ARTH 3770: Apocalypse Cinema (3) 

ARTH 3730: The Documentary (3)

ARTH 3360: Bad Cinema (3)

ARTH 3540: African American Cinematic Experience (3)

ARTH 3810: Film Genres (3)

ARTH 3640: British Cinema of the Sixties (3)

HIST 3550: War in the Age of Cinema (3)

ENGL 4330: World Writers: Global Indigenous film and/as Literature (3)

ENGL 4365: Studies in Film (3)

ANTH 3110: North American Indian Cultures (3)

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Getty Museum Challenge
Students in Dr. Laura Gelfand's ARTH 4730 Baroque and Rococo Art were asked to recreate a work of Italian Baroque art using only themselves, or a willing collaborator, and objects they have around their homes. They were asked to submit their recreation together with an image of the work they were copying, following the format seen in Instagram posts. Here are the results...