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ID Portfolio Review LogoSubmission Instructions

Application Steps:

  1. Submission Form
  2. Foundations Class Digital Submissions
  3. ID 1790 Digital Submissions

All three steps must be completed in order for the application to be considered.

The program has provided four portfolios from the 2018 Review that serve as excellent references of well-executed and successful portfolios.
Portfolio A
Portfolio B
Portfolio C
Portfolio D

Step One: Submission Form

Required Foundations Classes

If currently enrolled, please use the grade currently showing on Canvas.

ID 1790 Design Theory
ART 1020 Drawing 1
ART 1120 2-D Design
ART 1130 3-D Design
ARTH 2710 Survey of Western Art(1)
ARTH 2720 Survey of Western Art(2)
ART 3710 Fine Art Seminar

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Step Two: Foundation Class Projects Digital Submissions

Select projects that best exhibit your technical, creative, and conceptual skills.  Please include the assignment description for each project for the reviewers, as they may be unfamiliar with your work.  

Include three assignments that you feel represent your best work from the following classes, Art 1020 Drawing 1, Art 1120 2D Design,  Art 1130 3D Design. Each class should have it's own .pdf file saved as:

  • A#_Lastname_Drawing1.pdf
  • A#_Lastname_2D.pdf
  • A#_Lastname_3D.pdf

For a total of three pdf submissions.

Step Three: ID 1790 Design Theory Submissions

Please download and use the PowerPoint file as a framework for your Design Theory submission. A sample of the 2019 completed portfolio can be found here.

Reminder: your name cannot appear anywhere in this presentation. No exceptions! Please follow the guidelines on each page. The portfolio is a summary of selected projects from ID 1790. Save it as a .pdf before submission and label your file as follows: A#_Lastname_DesignTheory.pdf

Once you have prepared your portfolio, ensure that all instructions in the PowerPoint are deleted. This will demonstrate an attention to detail. Good Luck! Questions should be directed to Darrin Brooks, Interior Design Area Coordinator.

Portfolios are due at 11:59 pm on March 15th.